Lori Martin

I am very new to photography and have only been taking photos since 2012. I started out on my cellphone and people were always telling me how much they liked my photos. I thought they were just being nice. My mom bought me my first camera in 2013 as a birthday gift. It was one of those small cameras with all around good features. I took it everywhere and got many awesome shots. I outgrew that camera pretty quickly and progressed to my second camera. I am now on my third camera and have a couple of lenses. I still take my camera everywhere. I buy larger purses now and do not leave home without it! Friends and family are used to me pulling over on trips because I've spotted a blue heron, osprey, eagle, beautiful sunset, etc.

I feel like photography has given me a fresh start. I was a Physical Education teacher for 24 years and had to give it up due to a chronic health problem. I loved teaching and was so very sad to have to give it up. My body could no longer handle the grueling demands of being a P.E. teacher. My reality changed and my level of happiness decreased greatly. I never thought I'd find something that would make me as happy as teaching did, but photography has done just that! I love going out on photography adventures to see what I can capture and share with others. I make trips to my spots around the Ocean City area to photograph beach scenes, sunrises, sunsets, a variety of birds, animals, nature, Assateague ponies, flowers, etc. I love sharing the beauty of the Ocean City, Maryland area with others.

I feel very fortunate to have found something that brings me peace while I'm doing it and such happiness throughout the process. The people that follow my Facebook page, Lori Martin Photography, tell me that they look forward to my photos each day. I love that I can have a positive impact on someone's day. That brings me joy and is great to hear!

I started participating in shows at the Art League of Ocean City in June of 2014. The very first show that I participated in, I wasn't sure what to expect. As I was walking into the reception for the June show, one of my friends came up to me and asked what it meant if there was a red dot on a picture. Since it was my first show, I wasn't sure but I said I would imagine it to mean the photo was sold. My friend said your photo is the only one with a red dot!!!! As I went upstairs to see my 2 entries, the manager of the Art League told me a couple from North Carolina had come in before the reception and loved my photo so much that they bought it on the spot. She wanted to know if that was okay? I think you know the answer. I said yes, of course, and that was the beginning of my new adventure...and there's no turning back!

Places to see my Photography

I am currently a member of the Art League of Ocean City on 94th St. I enter as many shows as possible in their gallery. I have 3 prints for sale in their shop. I have 15 framed photos for sale at an excellent restaurant, Yellowfins, on Rt. 54 in Selbyville, DE. The food is fantastic and the decor is just gorgeous!

Buying Prints and other Products

If you would like to purchase prints you can buy them from my Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/lorimartinphotos or

I have 15 framed photos for sale at the restaurant Yellowfins in Selbyville, DE located on Rt. 54 or

I have prints for sale at the Art League of Ocean City on 94th Street or

If you'd like a framed print or photo canvas you can email me to set-up a visit to my home. 

If you're on Facebook, be sure to LIKE Lori Martin Photography www.facebook.com/lorimartinphotography


2 of my photos were chosen by the Assateague Alliance to be in the 2016 National Parks calendar and 2 of my photos were chosen for the 12 months of Assateague contest in 2018.

2 of my photos were chosen winners of the Richard A Henson Cancer Institue contest and are framed and displayed in their patient treatment rooms. I'm thrilled to be able to give patients something nice to look at during their visit to the Institute. 

My "Heron in Blooms" photo was featured in Bird Watching magazine this past October.


The best way to reach me is through my email or to message me on Facebook through my photography page. My email is: lomartin3315@gmail.com Be sure to put in the subject header photography inquiry so that I know what it's about. My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/lorimartinphotography.  Just type Lori Martin Photography in the search on Facebook and my page will appear.